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Nilou Mobasser obituary  -- Malu Halasa

Abdolkarim Soroush: Critical Rationalism and Religious and Political Reform in Iran

Soroush to Khamenei: You Must Accept Criticism so that We can Move owards National Reconciliation

The Iranian Autumn of Discontent with Religion -- Ahmad Sadri

Foreseeing reform: Speaker hopeful about changes ahead for Islam

Allama Iqbal and Abdolkarim Soroush -- Khaled Ahmed

We Want A Religious Democracy


Vi vil et religiøst demokrati


Iran: The Revenge


The New Democrats (An intellectual history of the Green Wave) -- Abbas Milani

Abbas Milani


Iranian lectures on democracy in Middle East -- Sarah Flanagan

Sarah Flanagan


Mysticism in contemporary Islamic political thought: Orhan Pamuk and Abdolkarim Soroush.(Essay)

John von Heyking


Militant Secularism

Abdulkarim Soroush


“Islam versus the West” and the Political Thought of AbdolKarim Soroush 

Hassan Abbas


The Development of Tafsir from Other-Worldly to Worldly Orientation

By: Azam Puya


Reforming religious knowledge

By: Asma Barlas (Daily Times)


Iran between revolution and democracy

By: David Hayes


Religion and Democracy: Iranian Experiense

By: Professor Abdulaziz Sachedina, Chair (CSID)

The Iran Situation

By: Ahmad Sadri and Foaad Khosmood


L'histoire de l'islam, histoire d'une confiscation

de Rachid Benzine


The 'Islamic' in Islamic Education:

Assessing the Discourse

By: Farid Panjwani


Contentious Public Religion: Two Conceptions of Islam in Revolutionary Iran

Ali Shari`ati and Abdolkarim Soroush   

By: Behrooz Ghamari-Tabrizi


Peace with Islam

By: Floy E. Doull

Modernity and the Making of Muslim Politics

By: Robert W. Hefner

Dr. Soroush Receives the Erasmus Prize     

The Search for Human Rights

Within an Islamic Framework in Iran        

By: Shadi Mokhtari

Deciphering Iran:

The Political Evolution of the Islamic Republic and U.S. Foreign Policy After September 11

By: Bahram Rajaee

Book Review

By: Ahmad Sadri                     

Beyond the 'clash of civilizations,'

shaping reform in Muslim societies     

By: Abdou Filali-Ansary

Ideas of new Muslim reformers taking root

By: Abdou Filali-Ansary

Gun Barrel Democracy?   Democratic Constitutionalism Following Military Occupation

By: Stanley N. Katz

For an Open Interpretation of the Koran

By: Katajun Amirpur                                   

Mission reforming Islam

By: Abid Ullah Jan

America and the "Islamic Revival"

By: Natalie Hand

Naghdi va daramadi bar tazaad-e dialectiki         [A Critique and a Prologue to Dialectical Contradiction]                                                    Book Review by Ali Parsa

The democrat (The Boston Globe)  -  Iran's leading reformist intellectual tries to reconcile religious duties and human rights

Global Viewpoint

NPQ (New Perspectives Quarterly)


Abdolkarim Soroush’s rays of hope

By: Katajun Amirpur


The Emergence and Development of Religious Intellectualism in Iran

By: Forough Jahanbakhsh

The New Intellectuals in Iran

By: Farhad Khosrokhavar

Islam and Modernity

A debate


Expect the Unexpected:

A Religious Democracy in Iran

By: Peter D. Schmid


The Resilience of the Traditional Clergy to the Hardline Challenge in Post Revolutionary Iran

By: Ijlal Naqvi

The Clash Within Islam

Encounter - Radio National

Pluralism conference report

By: John L. Allen Jr.


Political Statement by Iranian Cultural and Political Activists On the Anniversary of the Constitutional Revolution and the 1953 Coup


Faith, Reason and Science

By: Ehsan Masood

Ferment in Muslim Thinking

By: A.G. Noorani

Ahmad Wahib’s Renewal Islamic Thinking in Indonesia in Perspective of Abdolkarim Soroush
Human Rights Watch Letter to British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw  

Post-Revolutionary Islamic Discourses on Modernity in Iran

By: Farzin Vahdat

Challenging the Government of God

By: Ahmad Sadri

Islam: A Mosaic, Not a Monolith

By: Vartan Gregorian                       

God’s Rule and the People’s Rule

Noah Feldman Paper

Islam and Democracy

Iran: The Struggle for the Revolutions's Soul

ICG Middle East Report

Iran Diary, Part 8 - Stop press - Asia Times


The Fundamentalist Factor

By: Scott Appleby

A Window on Islam
The Humanisation of Religion

Comments by: Donald Cupitt

Interview with Ehsan Naraqi  

Coming to terms with Modernity: Iranian Intellectuals and the emerging Public Sphere

By: Mahmoud Alinejad


The Reform Movement in Contemporary Iran

By: Said Amir Arjomand

The Evolution of Iranian Islamism from the Revolution Through the Contemporary Reformers

By: Jeffrey Usman

Religious Modernists and the "Woman Question": Challenges and Complicities

By: Ziba Mir-Hosseini

Book on Abdolkarim Soroush

Published in Indonesia Language

Religious Intellectuals and the Woman Question

By: Farideh Farhi

Zanan: Trials and Successes of a Feminist Magazine in Iran

By: Roza Eftekhari

Gender of Democracy

The Encounter between Feminism and Reformism in Contemporary Iran

By: Parvin Paidar


Sacral Defense of Secularism: The Political Theologies of Soroush, Shabestari, and Kadivar

By: Mahmoud Sadri


The Construction of Gender in Islamic Legal Thought and Strategies for Reform

By: Ziba Mir-Hosseini

Book Review   

By: Mehrzad Boroujerdi        


Islam And Democracy:

Reflections On Abdolkarim Soroush

By: Fred Dallmayr (University of Notre Dame)


Critics Within: Islamic Scholars’ Protests

Against the Islamic State in Iran*     

By: Charles Kurzman                             


The Paradoxes of Politics in Post-Revolutionary Iran

By: Mehrzad Boroujerdi


Iran’s Tortuous Path Toward "Islamic Liberalism"

By: Ahmad Ashraf  and Ali Banuazizi

In Search of the Real Iran  
2001 World Press Freedom Review  
Muslim Legal Tradition in a Time of Global Change  

Iran’s Quiet Revolt

By: Navid Kermani

Religious Intellectuals and Political Action in the Reform Movement - Princeton University
By: Hamidreza Jalaeipour

A Holy War for Human Rights

By:  Scott Appleby

Reason, Freedom, and Democracy in Islam

Book Review by: L. Carl Brown (Middle East)

The End of Islamic Ideology (Iran)

By: Hamid Dabashi

Abdolkarim Soroush

New Revival of Religious Sciences

By: Forough Jahanbaksh


Iran's New Revolution

By: Robin Wright

Turmoil and Transformation in Iran

By: Robin Wright

Is the Islamic Republic Unraveling?

By: Robin Wright

The Coming Transformation in the Muslim World

By: Dale F. Eickelman

Challenges and Complicities: Abdolkarim Sorush and Gender - Princeton University

By: Ziba Mir-Hosseini

Religious Pluralism

A Debate between Soroush and Kadivar

Liberal Islam

Prospects and Challenges

By: Charles Kurzman


The Student Movement in Iran

By: Ali Akbar Shahidi


The Crisis of Religious Ligitimacy in Iran

By: Olivier Roy

Let the occasional chalice break

By: Mahmoud & Ahmad Sadri


Political Islam and the West

By: Dr. Farid Mirbagheri


By: John O. Voll

Islamic philosophy, modern

By: Parviz Morewedge & Oliver Leaman

Irans Greatest Political Challenge Abdolkarim Soroush

By: Robin Wright

The Emergence of a Modern Intellectual Climate and the Change in the Ideological Scene: 1988-1996  -  University of London

By: Jalaei Pour, H. R.


We need to use reason

By: Haleh Nazeri


Criticism from Outside

By: Asghar Schirazi


Three Philosophical Debates in Post-Revolutionary Iran

By: Mehrzad Boroujerdi

Mind Versus Matter - Middle East Economic Digest  
A copy of the letter to President Rafsanjani  Middle East Economic Digest  

Islam and Liberal Democracy:

The Challenge Of Secularization

By Abdou Filali-Ansary


Islam and Liberal Democracy

Two Visions of Reformation

By: Robin Wright


Debating Religion and Politics in Iran:

The Political Thought of Abdolkarim Soroush 

By: Valla Vakili


The Theory of Expansion and Contraction of Religion

By: Hossein Kamali

The Iran Policy Trap 
U.S. relations with Iran
By: Edward G. Shirley