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Persian Site

    You Have Turned Iran into a Grim Land -- A letter from Soroush to Khamenei
    The Crust and the Core of Rule by the People
    There is no God, I swear to God there is no God
    A Word of Advice to the Advocates of Islamic Human Sciences
    Flagging Oratory (and Mind?)
    If You Daren’t Speak, Why Don’t You Emigrate?
    When you don’t lose yourself… When you lose yourself…
    Abu Zayd and Soroush's lecture in university of Notre Dame
    Religious Tyranny is Crumbling: Rejoice!
    Boundlessness and Enclosures
    The Merciless Blade of Vilification
    Milk and Sugar -- On the Pretext of Religious Intellectualism
    Insurgency of Love
    Sense and Nonsense -- About the Cultural Revolution Again
    What Religious Intellectualism Isn't
    The Relationship between the Mathnawi and the Qur'an

On Reason


Whither Religion in the Modern Age?


Whether by the Fire of Freedom or by the Fire of Zeal


The Saviour and Religious Revival

    Dr. Soroush to President: Clarify What You Mean by Justice

Abstract of Dr. Soroush's Speech in the 'Islam and Democracy' Conference in Mashhad        

Rationalist Traditions in Islam

Soroush in Heidelberg                    

Treatise on Tolerance

Dr. Soroush Acknowledgement

of Erasmus Prize 2004                        

    Dr. Soroush's “Muslim Democrat of the Year Award” Acceptance Speech
    Dr. Soroush Letter to Abbass Amir Entezam and Dr. Hashem Aghajari Due to Receiving the Moral Courage Award    

Reason and Freedom in Islamic Thought

CSID Second Annual Conference

    Reason and Freedom in Islamic Thought
    Reason and revelation

Islamic Democracy and Islamic Governance

A summary of remarks by Abdolkarim Soroush and Charles Butterworth           

Types of Religiosity
Kiyan, No. 50, 1378/2000

Speech by Dr. Soroush:

Tradition and Modernism

Seminar in Beheshti University

Dr. Soroush Letter to President Khatami

Religious Pluralism:

Kadivar, Soroush Debate         

Dr Soroush's Response to Reports

Monthly Journal - Kiyan

For the Flower of Freedom
Reply to Foreign Minister Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati

Text in Context

Lecture Delivered at McGill University


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