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Soroush Was Attacked

QOM, Sept. 24 (Iran Daily)

Muslim philosopher and university professor, Abdolkarim Soroush, was attacked by unknown assailants late Thursday while he was leaving the house of a well-known cleric in the city of Qom.
According to IRNA, around 100 protestors had gathered around the house of Hojjatoleslam Shobeiri (the grandson of Ayatollah Shobeiri) where Soroush attended a private meeting.
The protestors chanted slogans against Qom's governor, governor general and Soroush, demanding he leave the city.
Stones and pieces of wood were thrown at his car, as he drove away from the area.
Soroush was originally scheduled to give a speech at the Qom-based office of Islamic Iran Participation Front after evening prayers, but was forced to cancel his plan due to protests by groups opposed to him.



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